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I am Natalia Vélez, your online Spanish teacher. I have developed this website for those wanting to learn Spanish online with fun Spanish learning resources. If you like it, don’t miss any material, sign up! and learn Spanish online for free. Just leave me your name and e-mail in the box and I will send you weekly Spanish resources online so you can accomplish your Spanish-language goals.


What Spanish Resources Online will I Find Here?

As your online Spanish teacher, I recommend that you study with Spanish learning resources you enjoy. Everyone learns in a different way so if you get bored while studying Spanish then maybe you need to change the materials you are studying with.

You will find in this website free Spanish learning resources such as Spanish lessons, Spanish songs, Spanish stories, Spanish comics, Spanish games and Spanish books. You will also find some recommended low-cost materials and advertising that will help me to keep this site alive and help you to learn Spanish online. All Spanish learning resources are classified in one or two of these three levels: Beginner Spanish, Intermediate Spanish and Advanced Spanish.


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Private Spanish Lessons Online

I recommend that you take private Spanish lessons online (with a native Spanish teacher) if you:

  • Have wasted a lot of time and money in Spanish learning programs and still don’t speak Spanish.
  • Live far away from native Spanish teachers.
  • Want to take Spanish lessons from the comfort of your couch, office or preferred café.
  • Want to study at your own pace.
  • Have learned some Spanish but want a way to keep it fresh and alive with interesting conversation.

I recommend you to take private Spanish lessons online with me if you want to:

  • Receive truly personalised classes.
  • Study to a flexible schedule.
  • Learn Spanish for Business.
  • Learn Spanish for Engineers.
  • Ask some questions after class, while you study alone.
  • Study with the best learning Spanish books w/o buying any.
  • Develop a native Spanish accent.
  • Learn vocabulary about topics you choose.
  • Get advice on travelling to Colombia.
  • Learn Spanish fast.
  • Have a Colombian friend! :)

If your plan is to take several online Spanish lessons with me, I will assess your level in the first class and we can then make a program together according to your preferences and needs. You can tell me before each class if you’d like to talk about a special topic or area of Spanish grammar or you can leave it to me to take you through a logical yet entertaining program. The classes are conducted via Skype and the notes from each class posted to your cloud location to review as you wish. So, what are you waiting for? Contact me or subscribe now!

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Pay your online Spanish classes via SkrillYou can also pay me via Skrill (the future of Moneybookers). Skrill is a secure way to pay globally without revealing your financial details. With just your email address, you can send and spend with over 100 payment options, including all major credit and debit cards, in 200 countries.


Palmer C. (Detroit, MI, United States)

“I found out about Natalia’s class from an online posting I happened to run across as I was researching a trip. It was a great find! Natalia is great! When we talked I told her that I liked the book I had been studying from and that I wanted to continue with it. Natalia had no problem obtaining the book, ascertaining what level I was at and cleaning up what I had misunderstood. We have been making good progress every since. I definetly feel that my Spanish would not be as good had I continued to study on my own. I encourage anyone who really wants to learn to speak well to work with her!”

Graeme E. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Graeme studies Spanish online with Natalia“I have really enjoyed remote study by Skype with Natalia. The theory you can learn yourself but having a native speaker to improve your conversation/listening skills and turn theory into practice is invaluable. Creo que mi español está mejorando todo el tiempo gracias a Natalia.”

Thomas B. (Miami, FL, United States)

“I have taken many classes with Natalia and have enjoyed them very much. She is a good and competent instructor. I like the way she types on the screen the words and phrases I am learning so I can have a record of them to review. Her accent is the neutral Colombian which I have read is the easiest for people learning Spanish to understand. I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to improve their Spanish.”



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