Spanish Pronunciation Audio

Zirtanel and her friend made these audio files about the pronunciation of Latin American Spanish. I recommend that you listen to how native speakers pronounce the Spanish words and then repeat after them. See the Spanish pronunciation guide below, as Zirtanel has explained it in her tweets.


Zirtanel preparó con un amigo estos archivos de audio con la pronunciación de las vocales y las consonantes en español de Latinoamérica. Para tener una guía, aquí pego los ‘tuits’ donde ella explicó la pronunciación de cada letra.

Spanish Pronunciation Guide with Audio


Spanish Vowels Pronunciation

A - like the a in father

E - like the e in bet, test

I – like the i in police or ee in beet

O – like the o in obey

U – like the u in cool, rule

U – silent in: que (as in kept), qui (keep), gue (guest), gui (geese)

  • play
  • stop
  • U, silent - queso, guerra, guitarra

Ü – written as ü when pronounced in güe and güi


Spanish Consonants Pronunciation

C – hard before a, o, u or before a consonant, as the c in can

C – soft before e or i as in cent. (In Latin America, it is pronounced the same as s and z)

  • play
  • stop
  • C, soft - centro, cereal, cielo, ciencia

Cc – pronounced ”X” as x in “example”

G – hard before a, o, u or a consonant, as in get

G – soft before e or i, as the h in hen, hat

  • play
  • stop
  • G, soft - general, gente, girasol

H – always silent. En español, la h no se pronuncia

J – like the h in hat, hen

Ñ – pronounced “ny” as in canyon

Q – pronounced as k in key and used only in the combinations “que” and “qui”

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